We Are Hiring!

REED is seeking a new Director of Education and Development to join our small non-profit organization. Our faith-based, feminist organization is dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of women and girls in our community. The position will be part time (20hrs/week) to start, with the potential of transitioning to full time in the spring. Please see below for job description and our website embracedignity.org for more information about our organization.
Please email your cover letter and resume to Nancy Brown at Nancy_brown@telus.net by October 5, 2018. 
Director of Education and Development
Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Director of Education and Development will implement REED’s policies and goals by overseeing REED’s programs, finances and administration. In cooperation with the Director of Communication and Outreach, the Director of Education and Development will have primary responsibility for:

Raising public awareness of the issues around prostitution and human trafficking and promoting REED and its work to the community by:

    • Working with your co-director to develop and implement REED’s training curriculum, currently known as Intelligent Love

    • Providing information on human trafficking and prostitution to the general public, the faith community, media, interest groups and donors by participating in speaking engagements, presentations, conferences and conventions

    • Conceiving of, and coordinating advocacy campaigns and program initiatives that reflect the current issues related to trafficked women

    • Monitoring the local, national and international landscape of prostitution and human trafficking laws and their respective implementation

    • Developing and maintaining relationships with professionals in contact with trafficked women, such as police, health professionals, duty counsel and NGOs

    • Liaising with other agencies and their representatives involved in the sex trafficking issue, including all levels of government, service providers, non-profit organizations, advocacy organizations

    • Representing the vision and values of REED to stakeholders to gain their engagement

Fundraising and managing REED’s financial resources prudently, including:

    • Developing fundraising initiatives and sources of funding to enhance fundraising capability

    • Writing grant applications

    • Fostering strong relationships with potential and existing donors.

    • Developing proposals and programs ideas that can be the foundation of grant requests

    • Planning fundraising events, such as Ride for Refuge and the International Women’s Day fundraiser.

Maintaining the institutional knowledge and expertise of REED by:

    • Staying abreast of and anticipating important activities and trends that could potentially impact the mission and concerns of REED

    • Participating in professional development, knowledge acquisition, and research on issues surrounding prostitution and human trafficking

    • Educating the Board and other interested volunteers on issues relevant to our work

Supporting the work of the Board of Directors by:

    • Establishing an overall vision in conjunction with the Board of Directors and leading the translation of this vision into a strategic plan

    • Providing information, advice and counsel to the Board Chair, the Board of Directors and Board Committees to create strategic directions

    • Assisting in the recruiting of Board members

    • Serving as the liaison between the Board and REED’s staff and employees

    • Serving on the Board of Directors in an ex-officio capacity

    • Creatively growing REED as an organization by developing new and creative ways to achieve the abolition of prostitution and overseeing the expansion of the work of REED through hired staff, volunteers and board members