Maternity Leave Job Posting

We are Hiring! REED is a small, faith-based and feminist, non-profit organization dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of women and girls

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New Director of Education & Development

We are pleased to introduce Paige Letendre as REED's new Director of Education & Development. Paige holds a Bachelor of Arts degree

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Buying Sex is a Crime

REED has joined with a team of local Vancouver activists, individuals and organizations, to create a social media driven campaign to raise

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Action to Uphold PCEPA In 2014, Justin Trudeau said, "Prostitution itself is a form of violence against women."  And yet, at their


LEARN: Valiant Richey & PCEPA

Sex Buyers Beware: Ending Commercial Sexual Exploitation In October, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County (Seattle), Washington, Mr. Valiant

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Buying Sex is a Crime is a national billboard campaign

Buying Sex is a Crime is a national billboard campaign, supported by a wide cross-section of groups from across the country united in our desire to see an end to sexual exploitation in Canada.  Look for the billboards at Homer & Georgia in downtown Vancouver and on Scott Rd in Surrey, beginning July 3.

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