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Tuition:  $200 per person / $300 per pair

Intelligent Love is an 8 week in-depth, interactive course for 10 influencers who follow Jesus* and want to address the systemic injustice of the sex industry. Each session will be a mix of speakers, theological reflection, and faith-rooted organizing training where we explore how our faith informs our resistance to the gender-based oppressions fuelling the sex industry.

The title “Intelligent Love” is our way of referring to the need to move beyond charity to address systemic changes. The more justice we have, the less charity we will need. Topics will include: gender socialization, prostitution, demand, pornography, contemporary culture, colonization/race, legal challenges, and faith-rooted organizing.

We are asking each participant to commit to the following:

  • Attend all 8 sessions (exceptions made for illness, work, etc.)
  • Be willing to partner with REED to take action in response to what we learn
  • Pass on the knowledge you gain by teaching it to others
  • Engage in the learning with an open heart and open mind
  • Please email info@embracedignity.org for an application.

*NOTE:  At the request of our partners who are not Jesus-followers, REED plans to develop an alternative course on workshop which is not faith-based.  Let us know if you’d be interested in this.