Help REED in 2018.

In a year where prominent men’s sexual assaults of women became daily news, REED’s work changed the realities for marginalized women whose bodies men buy locally.

Uniquely among women’s organization, REED’s board & staff hope in the God-Human Jesus who challenges unjust structures and authorities.  Jesus whose resurrection powerfully promises an end to all violent oppression.

Uniquely among religious non-profits, REED focuses on ending the male demand for paid access to female bodies and challenges and the patriarchy of the Christian church.

Why give now for 2018?

Because all of REED’s relationships with and advocacy for sexually exploited women and our teaching, training, and consultations with students, Canadian citizens, government officials and public servants was done on a budget of only $78,000, almost all from private donors like yourselves.

In 2017 REED not only…

  • had 125 meetings or phone conversations with women wanting to leave the sex industry
  • made 16 visits to women in hospital, clinics, supportive housing, cafes or malls
  • developed long-term friendships with 3 commercially exploited women
  • supported 1 women in testifying court cases

but also…

  • hosted film festival and awareness evenings attended by 220
  • trained 49 justice advocates through Intelligent Love course and university seminars
  • presented Bible Confronts Patriarchy weekend seminar for 32
  • taught classes or presented at 24 high schools, universities, men’s groups, and churches
  • hosted info tables at 20 conferences, film screenings and festivals
  • provided consultation to VPD, RCMP, the federal Ministry of Justice and academic researchers
  • moderated public presentations by world porn expert Gail Dines + Seattle prosecutor of sex-buyers Val Richey

                           and much more…

At this energizing historical moment, will you make REED’s ongoing work possible?


Yours for 2018 in gratitude & joy, Adria & Mary-Lee