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The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It

Victor Malarek

Following up on his scathing indictment of the international sexual enslavement of women?investigative journalist Victor Malarek turns the spotlight on the other side of the crisis—the men who fuel the demand.

Each year more than 800,000 women and children are lured, tricked, or forced into prostitution to meet an apparently insatiable demand, joining an estimated 10 million women already ensnared in the $20 billion worldwide sex trade. While much research?focuses on why these women end up in the trade, invetstigators have turned a blind eye toward?the “johns”?who trigger the demand?until now.?In this hard-hitting expos?, Malarek unmasks the kind of men?and organizations?that foster and drive the sex trade around the world.?With interviewss with?both the unrepentant and the reformed, The Johns forces readers to rethink the world’s oldest so-called profession.